EISENLAGER MIDNIGHTRADIO https://midnightradio-compilation.bandcamp.com

hello - my name is nobbi (glasklinge zeitenlicht) and I make a compilation various artists. the name is Midnight Radio. its a free download compilation. [being part of one (or more) of next compilations various artists?
all styles are allowed (won't accept harsh noise submissions). No matter how long, old track, new track, all is possible. the track you send me dont must exclusive. track you send to me is not exclusive for Midnightradio, you do with your music What YOU want. i cant choose tracks from you, you must please choose a track/s and send because, i have no time to choose from all musicans the tracks. being part on Midnight Radio Download Compilation? can you send me one or more tracks? via transfer (Wetransfer etc) service to midnightradio11@gmail.com . I NEED YOUR artist name, track/s name, website link [infos about you?] ) + song or artist picture
I would like to clarify. You may send me several pieces for midnightradio. I use in this case all step by step. What I can not do is the following: I can no soundcloud bandcamp or private sites search and me all pieces listen to something to select. I'm not a radio station. Midnightradio is a free download compilation and has the purpose to show what music there is in the underground and to give all these musicians an additional platform. I just do not have time to listen to and pick out everything from you. You give me the one or more of which you are convinced that it should be heard. I do not make any selection or rating (the only exception is: no harh noise), I trust you and my opinion is that all has an authority.
thank you for attention - all the best to you, regards, nobbi, glasklinge zeitenlicht.